• Pivot’s exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal mandrel technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized, ride tuned frame design. This technology allows the frame to be extremely lightweight while also having a very balanced feel with a great combination of stiffness and ride quality.
  • Full internal shift cable routing with under bottom bracket access port design for hassle free installation. The LES features well thought-out internal cable routing that protects the cables from contamination while also being very user serviceable and easy to route which is something that cannot be said for most internal routed designs.
  • Chainstay length and tire clearance: The LES features extremely short 17.1” chain stays. This is in 26” wheel territory and matches the shortest chainstay lengths out there so riders have a tight handling, responsive bike along with the benefits of 29” wheels. The real magic in the LES design is that we clear some of the biggest 29er tires in the market. Go ahead and run your 2.3’s; the LES has ample clearance.
  • Dropouts: The LES dropouts (included with every frame) are full molded hi-mod carbon fiber featuring a 142 X 12mm through axle, post style disk brake mounts and a replaceable derailleur hanger. These cleanly integrate into the frame giving little hint that the dropouts are removable. The Swinger system provides quick, consistent, indexed chain adjustments for single speed use along with fast wheel changes and no change in brake adjustments.
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